2012 Volkswagen Eos Bulb Sizes

Headlight Bulb High Beam and Low Beam - D3S

2012 Volkswagen Eos High and Low Beam (D3S)

    Xenon HID Conversion Kit

  • Best Choice

    Philips 42302C1 D3S Standard Xenon HID Headlight Bulb

    – Original equipment quality seal for the most reliable performance
    – Xenon HID lights deliver better light but consume less power
    – At highway speeds, HID lights give you up to a full second more time to safely react to road hazards
    – Features a Certificate of Authentication (CoA)
    – Lumens 3400 ±250
    – Color temperature 4200
    – Wattage 35 W

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Should replace the damaged light inside your Volkswagen Eos rather than certain which light variety will go with a socket? It often happens the established owner's manual (really the only legitimate method to obtain these kinds of details) is not available or will not contain the necessary information for a specific modification. Aside from, we have observed often that headlights size may vary across Volkswagen Eos generations depending on the mod and calendar year of manufacturing. Therefore we have collected an ultimate Volkswagen Eos light replacement information to ease the discomfort of seek out the right lamp kind and sizing for your interior or exterior lighting system.

Our Volkswagen Eos replacing graph retrieves the information from your trusted lamp producers like Sylvania and Osram. On one web page, you will discover the OEM bulb dimension for that Volkswagen Eos front lights, fog lighting, tail lamps, turn signals, side markers, backup lights, braking system lights, DRLs, dome lights, glove box lights, cargo area lights, and so on. Just in case, you would like to improve the poor halogen front lights of your respective Volkswagen Eos to your awesome LED or HID system we have been here to advise the enough aftermarket options with appropriate fitment for low beam and high beam headlights.

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