Combriller DE3175 LED Light Bulb For Interior, Dome, Map Light

Combriller DE3175 LED Light Bulb For Interior, Dome, Map Light Features Guide

B09L887P41 Trustworthy Manufacturer

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  • Super bright: Combriller DE3175 DE3021 bulb is built with 10-SMD 4014 LED chips, 300% Brighter than halogen bulbs, and increased brightness offers your car pure white super bright light output.
  • Plug-And-Play: Non-polarity design, this DE3175 LED bulb is built with a 1:1 same socket as a halogen bulb, ensuring a perfect electrical fit with your car, Plug and play for easy installation within 20 minutes. Fit for DE3175 DE3021 DE3022 DE3023 DE3175LL DE3021LL DE3022LL 3021 3022 3175 6428 6430 7065 etc.
  • Wide Application: Combriller DE3175 led light bulb can be used for interior car lights, license plate lights, map lights, dome lights, reading lights, dashboard lights, side door courtesy lights, glove box lights, trunk cargo lights, instrument lamp door lights, etc.
  • Long Lifespan: built-in smart IC driver ensures constant current, outputs consistent brightness without radio interference, ensures a long lifespan of more than 50,000 hours

Product specifications (main)

Size DE3175
Type LED
Voltage 12V
Color Temperature 6000K
Manufacturer Part Number B09L887P41
Brand Combriller
Product line Interior
Road Legal Plus

Product specifications (additional)

Lifespan 20000 Hours
Requires Modifications To Install Minus


Requires Ballast Minus
Universal Fitment Plus
Plug and Play Plus


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Unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs illuminate immediately. This "instant-on" technology offers the added safety benefit of giving drivers around you more time to react. Sylvania LEDs are manufactured with bright, long-lasting, SMD LED bulbs and a thermal management system that extends life and increases performance. To help prevent hyper flashing and bulb-out warnings, it is suggested that a load equalizer or resistor be installed.

Product specifications
  • Type - LED
  • Wattage - 2 W

– 3 Sizes: 31mm, 36mm, 41mm.
–Yorkim De3175 LED Bulbs can replace DE3175, DE3021, DE3022, 3021, 3022, 3175 bulbs. Super easy plug & play installation. Built in CAN-bus error free driver to by pass error check for most cars.
–  Are made with aluminum body design for better heat dissipation, low temperature, low power consumption, & long-lasting life.
– De3022 LED Bulb 1.25",
– 6500K White Light,
– 400 Lumens, 12V A

Product specifications
  • Type - LED
  • Color temperature - 6500
  • Light output - 400 Lm
  • Wattage - 2.1 W

Product Benefits:

More Longevity: Built-in constant current IC for long lifespan, 5 times longer than a halogen bulb. Vibration resistant, energy-saving, low power consumption to reach a long LED bulb life up to 50,000 hours.

Wide Application: Interior dome lights, map lights, license plate lights, parking lights, corner lights, trunk lights, side marker lights, courtesy lights, cargo lights, trunk lights, stepwell lights, vanity lights, etc.

Easy Installation: The DE3175 LED Light bulb is easy to install, just plug and play! If it doesn’t light up, please flip it 180 degrees then it should light up

Product specifications
  • Type - LED
  • Color temperature - 6000K
  • Light output - 720 Lm
  • Wattage - 0.8 W

Check our the important features like lumens, volts, watts, color temperature and life span of Combriller DE3175 LED Light Bulb For Interior, Dome, Map Light to determine whether this is the optimal option for your vehicle in terms of brightness and longevity.

When you upgrade to Combriller DE3175 LED Light Bulb For Interior, Dome, Map Light, you're making a choice. You're choosing a safe option that will help you see everything ahead of you.


Refer to the Bulb Replacement Guide for verification of compatibility with your car.

To improve visibility, replace the bulbs in pairs to ensure an even field of vision.

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