VehiCode D4S/S4R/D4C LED Light Bulbs

VehiCode D4S/S4R/D4C LED Light Bulbs Features Guide

B083LZCQ8N Premium Pick

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Introducing the premium LED headlight bulb kit, designed to provide superior lighting performance and replace the original D4S, D4R, and D4C HID Xenon bulbs in reflector/projector headlights or fog light housings. Featuring 2 x Epistar LED chips, these bulbs produce a super bright 4200lms per bulb and a crisp 6000K white color, with a focused and wider beam to fit DOT-required high or low beam patterns.

These bulbs offer 90% HID beam accuracy with no dark spots, ensuring excellent visibility on the road. They are also designed with 45V operating voltage, making them compatible with D4 Xenon bulbs and D4S/R HID ballasts, feature CanBus error decoding, and a mute fan cooling system. Each all-in-one LED conversion light lamp is engineered to pass 99% of automotive installation standards and be compatible with OEM HID headlights.

Please note that this D4S/R LED kit can ONLY be applied to D4S or D4R HID replacement and should never be applied to D2S or D2R HID replacement, as it may cause HID ballast burnout. It is important to turn on your car when both LED headlights are well installed, and not to stay with one LED and one HID, or one LED and one out-of-bulb. Additionally, do not install the driver or CanBus box too close to the projector and block the moving angle of the projector lens, as it may cause an AFL error on the dashboard.

Product specifications (main)

Size D4S
Type LED
Wattage 35W
Voltage 45V
Color Temperature 6000K
Manufacturer Part Number B083LZCQ8N
Brand VehiCode
Product line LED
Road Legal Plus

Product specifications (additional)

Light output 4200 Lm
Lifespan 30000 Hours
Requires Modifications To Install Minus


CANBUS-free Plus
Requires Ballast Plus
Universal Fitment Minus
Plug and Play Plus


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Product specifications
  • Type - HID
  • Color temperature - 4200K
  • Light output - 3400 Lm
  • Wattage - 35 W

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Product specifications
  • Type - HID
  • Color temperature - 7000K
  • Light output - 3000 Lm
  • Wattage - 35 W

Check our the important features like lumens, volts, watts, color temperature and life span of VehiCode D4S/S4R/D4C LED Light Bulbs to determine whether this is the optimal option for your vehicle in terms of brightness and longevity.

When you upgrade to VehiCode D4S/S4R/D4C LED Light Bulbs, you're making a choice. You're choosing a safe option that will help you see everything ahead of you.


Refer to the Bulb Replacement Guide for verification of compatibility with your car.

To improve visibility, replace the bulbs in pairs to ensure an even field of vision.

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