917 Replacement Light Bulbs

After extensively researching a number of different independent tests, we have chosen the 917 lamps based on the brightness, durability and lifespan.

Halogen Lights

– ‎Wattage 12.8, Voltage 12V, Base W2 1x9 5d Mini Wedge

– Specifically designed to withstand road vibration and provide longer life than traditional bulbs

– Filament and gas mixture have been engineered for improved longevity

– Meets industry regulations for performance, while bettering life expectancy


LED Lights

– Much Brighter than halogen and general 921 bulb
– Better Heat dissipation, less LED chips and aluminum body design, better heat dissipation then thoes led bulb with many led chips, longer lifespan.
– Plug and Play: For Reverse Backup Light, easily install it by yourself. 

Will the 917 Bulb Fit My Vehicle?

When you consider purchasing substitute light bulbs, there are some major features to look into. The most important issue people should consider is whether 917 is compatible your car. If you are need to make sure, one solution is to take out the old bulb and after that attaintively check out the markings. Once you find out the wattage and also size, you can without a problem go for the best bulbs. Or you could find a use for our bulb finder for helpful hints on what different automobile 917 are used for. Choose filters to know if 917 goes well with your auto make and model.

Check Specifications Before Purchase

It is imperative to reckon with that a brand-new bulb has to fit seamlessly, some kinds might not be compatible. Besides that, make a choice which bulb kind - HID, LED or halogen - would be more efficient. And finally, insure electrical power, illumination and also color temperature your expectations.

Halogen vs HID (xenon) vs LED lamps: what bulbs are the best

Each alternative has its one-of-a-kind pros and cons, each is more efficient for specific needs. The choice usually is closely related to tech qualities that identify overall service life, illumination, performance, affordability and how much time the bulbs last until starting to get cloudy. Function of the lamp moreover affects this selection. For instance, fog lights can not be overly intense, because it is dangerous for the car owner as well as passengers of the auto as well as for other individuals on the road.

The halogen head lamps have a tendency to emit quite a lot of warm. This is because of how they work: the majority of its illumination comes not from extra wattage, but from raising the filament temperature. Warmth emanated in this procedure turns into blazing radiance. The similar warmth of halogen bulbs has a interesting perk in temperatures. If you compare and contrast halogen vs LED vehicle bulbs, then only halogen bulbs can accumulate adequate heat to thaw ice as well as snow off your head lamps. LED lights burn much less hot and hence are less efficient.

There also are the LED light bulbs or light-emitting diodes, they are usually well-known for their energy performance as well as longevity. At the outset LEDs were launched as 90% more beneficial selection to regular incandescent lights. They do not have a need in gas, typically the power of electrical flow, and they produce certainly much less warmth. It may seem to be a disadvantage in comparison to their halogen looks alike, yet less heating triggers enhancing their efficient utilization. The third selection is xenon (HID) light bulbs. The HID in their name means high-intensity discharge, meaning the famous feature of such lamps - their distinguished illumination. In power intake and warm production they occupy a place between halogen and LED light bulbs.

They do not use filament, but still use gas (xenon) to produce bright white-hot light they are famous for. Although they available in the marke int a range of shades. Actually enough the most sought after perk is additionally the weakest spot of HID bulbs. Unnecessary illumination can blind other vehicle drivers and trigger a lots of trouble when driving, so it is necessary to compensate this excessive impact with automated adaptation.

What Type of lamp do I need?

If you are unsure what option to select, please look up this information in your auto manual. It is major to check that your brand-new light bulbs fit the auto completely. Various models have specific plugs for light bulbs, so even if two bulbs seem similar, have the same task as well as dimension, they may not be same at all.

No time to flip through the guidebook? No worry, we got you. Autofiles definitely has all the info you need, all you need to do is select the alternatives on the dropdown panel to pick your car's make, model and year and our database will do the rest for you. Our professional staff meticulously sought out and inspected the details before grouping it in neat bulb replacing charts to make the procedure smooth and very easy.

Color Temperature

The greater the burning heat within, the brighter is a myth proven wrong by LED as well as HID lights. That is why the lamplight is identified by color temperature or to put it simply, just how warm they appear at a glance. The measurement system for this is degrees of Kelvin (K). The closer the color temperature to the light of day, the better. It is best for the human vision. Here is a listing of normal temperature levels for each and every kind of light bulbs:

  • 3200K for Halogen lamps
  • 4300K for Xenon
  • 6000K for LED