Optilux Hella Xenon Yellow HB4 9006  Bulbs

Optilux Hella Xenon Yellow HB4 9006 Bulbs Features Guide

B002E2UK8O Premium Quality

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– Original equipment quality bulbs you can trust from a global leader in automotive lighting technologies for more than 100 years
– Optilux Extreme Yellow XY Halogen bulbs produce a yellow GT Series race car looking beam, providing better color contrast in rain and fog situations.
– Produces a crisp yellow light from a bulb that is manufactured to the most precise measurements to provide the exact amount of light needed on your adventures.
– The ideal bulbs for professionals who travel in rural areas and all terrain.

Product specifications (main)

Size 9006
Type Xenon
Wattage 55W
Voltage 12V
Color Temperature 4300K
Manufacturer Part Number B002E2UK8O
Brand Hella
Product line Optilux
Road Legal Minus

Product specifications (additional)

Weight 1.6 Oz
Bulb length 4.3 In
Requires Modifications To Install Plus


CANBUS-free Minus
Requires Ballast Plus
Universal Fitment Minus
Plug and Play Minus


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What Do You Know About Optilux?

This manufacturer of Hella Xenon Yellow HB4 9006 Bulbs wants you to know that there's more than meets the eye when it comes to their product. Not only do they produce light with intensity on par with a natural sunrise, but they also provide an extended lifetime of up to two years. So don't be fooled by appearances - Optilux can be trusted for long-lasting performance and powerful lighting power. It's time to see the wide world of night in HD! Get your hands on some Optilux bulbs today.

Optilux is a company that manufactures LED lights that are high-power and high-efficiency. With its lights, Optilux has managed to exceed performance in the field of lighting by providing a large amount of light while remaining efficient and having a pleasant appearance.

Their core values are designed to provide an exceptional customer experience that is rooted in quality, reliability, and innovation. And with their Hella Xenon Yellow HB4 9006 Bulbs, their ambition is to bring light into dark places.

The OPTILUX has a range of options that are all designed for today’s sport compact cars and trucks. Withrax from off-road bulbs, you get performance as well as style for your vehicle. And the best part is that the OPTILUX range won’t break your budget. You can find anOPTILUX bulb in many different designs and bases so it’s easy to find one that fits your application specifically.

The Advantages and Drawbacks Of Optilux

There are always strong and weak sides to all products, and Optilux is no different. The most noteworthy advantage of the bulbs is their long-lasting performance: up to two years, which is rare in this industry. Additionally, they provide a powerful light that can simulate natural sunrises and sunsets.

On the other hand, these bulbs are known for being extravagant on the eyes, with a yellowish hue that can be overwhelming for some people. Furthermore, the initial price tag may be too high for those who don't have deep pockets.

In conclusion, if you're looking for intense light with a prolonged lifetime, then Optilux should definitely be at the top of your list. However, keep in mind that there are also certain drawbacks to consider before investing in these bulbs. Weigh the pros and cons carefully, and you'll be sure to make the right decision.

Optilux Hella Xenon Yellow HB4 9006 Bulbs

This xenon lamp would be a great choice when you need to brighten up any area. It is also known for its long-lasting performance, meaning you won't have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. Additionally, their HD display of light makes it easy to see the world clearly at night.

It features 55W of wattage and 12V of voltage which is ideal for any environment. Plus, the bulbs come in a standard size that is compatible with most vehicles. The nominal power is 35W, while the peak power is 55W.

They offer the 4300K of color temperature which allows for a great color temperature for those who are looking for more natural light. With their yellowish hue, these bulbs will be sure to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd.

So if you're looking for an efficient and powerful lighting solution, Optilux Hella Xenon Yellow HB4 9006 Bulbs should be your go-to option. With their intense lighting power and prolonged lifetime, these bulbs will provide reliable illumination for years to come! Get yours today and start seeing the beauty of the dark in full HD.

Optilux is here to stay, so why not support this amazing company that wants to bring light into the darkness?

How effective are 9006 lamps?

Optilux Hella Xenon Yellow HB4 9006 Bulbs are highly efficient, providing a powerful light that is sure to make any environment look brighter. These lamps are usually used in cars and motorcycles, as they provide a much brighter light than traditional halogen bulbs.

The 9006 lamps also come with a longer life span than most other bulbs, meaning that you won’t have to replace them as often. They are also more energy-efficient, consuming less power to produce the same amount of light. This means that you won’t be straining your vehicle's battery when using these lamps.

All in all, Optilux Hella Xenon Yellow HB4 9006 Bulbs offer an efficient and powerful solution for those looking for intense illumination during their night drives or rides.


These Optilux Hella lamps are a great choice for those looking to get the most out of their lighting solutions. The bulbs offer intense illumination, as well as a long lifetime and energy efficiency, making them a reliable investment for any automotive enthusiast.

So why not light up your vehicle with Optilux Hella Xenon Yellow HB4 9006 Bulbs today? Get yours now and start seeing the world in bright HD! With these amazing bulbs, you'll be sure to make all journeys safe and enjoyable.


What is a 9006 bulb for?

The 9005 headlight bulb is mainly used for high beam output, whereas the 9006 headlight bulbs are best for low beams. Additionally, each of these types have different wattage ratings as you will see further down in this comparison.

What bulb is similar to 9006?

For example, 9006 bulbs can also be called 9012 and HB4. All three terms refer to the same thing - a certain type of light bulb with specific locking tabs, wiring, and plugs.

Is Optilux worth its money?

Yes, Optilux Hella Xenon Yellow HB4 9006 Bulbs are worth the money as they provide a great lighting solution for vehicles. They offer intense illumination, long-lasting performance, and energy efficiency all in one package.

Similar products

–The size and position of the LED chips are close to the filament in the halogen bulbs, so the 9005 9006 LED bulbs combo work well in the headlight housings, no dark spot and no blinding oncoming vehicles.
–Whole aviation aluminum lamp body, 12,000RPM high speed cooling fan, and IP65 waterproof rate.
– Same beam pattern with original halogen bulbs.
– 300% brighter than stock bulbs.

Product specifications
  • Type - LED
  • Color temperature - 6500K
  • Light output - 6000 Lm
  • Wattage - 26 W

360° illumination: Ultra-thin board design effectively simulates 9006/hb4 halogen lamp’s beam pattern
Mini lamp size: Almost 1:1 same size as halogen 9006/hb4 headlight bulbs, non-polarity plugs, perfectly fit into your original 9006/hb4 headlight housing
High compatibility: Upgraded can-bus error-free design.
Long Lifespan: Whole aviation aluminum body, the built-in smart temperature control IC, powerful cooling fan, and the special copper board

Product specifications
  • Type - LED
  • Color temperature - 6500K
  • Light output - 8000 Lm
  • Wattage - 40 W

XtremeVision V10 LED Lighting System comes with everything you need to upgrade your halogen lights or existing HID to LED Headlight. Certain vehicles may require an additional canceller capacitor. Our LED Lighting System will provide you with the brightest visibility and safety for the road ahead. You will be able to see further and wider ahead of you. Every kit is fully Plug-and-Play, allowing for a quick and easy installation.

Product specifications
  • Type - LED
  • Color temperature - 6500K
  • Light output - 8000 Lm
  • Wattage - 30 W

Upgrade your vehicle's lighting with HIKARI UltraFocus 9006/HB4 LED bulbs. With a 500% increase in brightness over stock and a low power draw of less than 32 watts, these bulbs are engineered to provide the ultimate in high-performance lighting. Utilizing the latest ZES LED technology, HIKARI Ultra LED bulbs offer an ultra-bright beam pattern with a sharp cut-off line, providing maximum visibility without blinding other drivers. Experience exceptional illumination for up to 50,000 hours, with a weight that is lighter than traditional halogen bulbs. Illuminate your life with the power of HIKARI UltraFocus LED bulbs.

Product specifications
  • Type - LED
  • Color temperature - 6000K
  • Light output - 18000 Lm
  • Wattage - 32 W

Looking for a headlight bulb that's 400% brighter than your stock halogen bulbs? Look no further than the Katana 9006 LED Headlight Bulbs. These bulbs utilize premium-quality SMD LED chips, which provide a super-bright, focused beam pattern. They're also CanBUS-ready, meaning they'll work with 99% of vehicles without any issues. And to keep them running cool, even under heavy use, they feature an intelligent cooling system. Plus, with their 360° adjustable beam, you can easily direct the light where you need it most. Best of all, they're waterproof and shockproof, so you can rest assured knowing they'll withstand any conditions.

Product specifications
  • Type - LED
  • Color temperature - 6500K
  • Light output - 8000 Lm
  • Wattage - 70 W

Looking for the ultimate upgrade for your vehicle's lighting system? Look no further than the Fahren 9006/HB4 LED Headlight Bulbs! These bulbs are designed to provide you with maximum brightness, efficiency, and longevity, making them the perfect choice for anyone who values safety and reliability on the road.

Featuring superior LED chips that are super bright with 120W, 22,000LM in total, these bulbs are an incredible 600% brighter than halogen lamps, providing unparalleled visibility and clarity when driving at night. And with an adjustable beam that adopts a 360° adjustable locker ring, you can ensure the perfect beam pattern without any dark spots or foggy light that might blind oncoming traffic.

Product specifications
  • Type - LED
  • Color temperature - 6500K
  • Light output - 10000 Lm
  • Wattage - 60 W

Check our the important features like lumens, volts, watts, color temperature and life span of Optilux Hella Xenon Yellow HB4 9006 Bulbs to determine whether this is the optimal option for your vehicle in terms of brightness and longevity.

When you upgrade to Optilux Hella Xenon Yellow HB4 9006 Bulbs, you're making a choice. You're choosing a safe option that will help you see everything ahead of you.


Refer to the Bulb Replacement Guide for verification of compatibility with your car.

To improve visibility, replace the bulbs in pairs to ensure an even field of vision.

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