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After extensively researching a number of different independent tests, we have chosen the 7443 lamps based on the brightness, durability and lifespan.

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Product specifications (main)

Size 7443
Type LED
Wattage 6WW
Voltage 12V
Manufacturer Part Number B092CY37FF

Product specifications (additional)

Light output 1600 Lm
Lifespan 30000 Hours
Weight 0.6 Oz
Bulb Length 1.8 In


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Product Specifications (main)









Manufacturer Part Number


Product Specifications (additional)

Light output

1600 Lm


30000 Hours


0.6 Oz

Bulb length

1.8 In


7443 Bulb Cross Reference

Pay your attention, that 7443 can replace 7440, but 7440 cannot replace 7443

Every driver would like to have a headlight bulb that offers bright and crisp lighting and a gorgeous metal style. It has become easy to upgrade from the halogen bulb to LED. The LED bulbs are not only high-performance bulbs but also helpful in signaling your attention to other vehicle drivers. The 7443 LED bulb can create a high-end look, thus making your vehicle stand out.

The 7443 LED has become the best way to improve the brightness of your headlights, brake lights, and turn signals. LED lights are a much better option because of their efficiency, and that is why most car owners tend to swap their factory lights for LEDs. You can easily find the correct bulb size for the 7443 LED bulb.

What is a 7443 LED Bulb?

The 7443 LED bulb is a specific fit for LED or light-emitting diode. LED bulbs are more energy-efficient and offer several benefits compared to traditional bulbs. 7443 is up to 90% more efficient, and it doesn’t put out as much heat.

The 7443 LED bulb offers a lot of brightness and is a good option for vehicles, especially when driving in the dark. As 7443 is an LED bulb, it doesn't require much energy and has a longer lifespan. This makes it a very cost-effective solution. Typically, an LED bulb has a white hue, but some people believe it looks much better with amber or traditional yellow.


What are the Key Features of the 7443 LED Bulb?


High Visibility Level

The best thing about the 7443 LED bulb is that it uses high-powered LED chips and produces a lot of brightness. The color temperature of this bulb is 6500 Kelvins which can indeed make a huge difference for your vehicle.

Great Heat Dissipation Construction

When you buy a 7443 LED bulb from a reputable manufacturer, it comes with high-strength aluminum alloy and is very light in weight. The bulb's body keeps itself cool and can be used for daytime running lights. 

Constant Current IC Driver

A constant current driver is a device that smooths out the incoming voltage and then regulates it. With a steady stream of voltage, you can have a bright and long-lasting illumination. It is worth mentioning that these are miniature light bulbs and fit perfectly in a vehicle.


What are the Different Types of 7443 LED Bulbs?


Projector Lens Light

The projector light resembles a lot with the reflector headlight, but an LED bulb is included in the steel enclosure used to reflect the light. With a 7443 bulb, you get a bright light and better visibility with minimum glare. Other than that, this bulb comes with long-lasting and durable parts and can handle rough terrain.

Reverse Light

LED bulbs can be used as a backup reverse light. The 7443 LED bulb has 2600 lumens specially designed for reverse lights. It is that it is energy-efficient and resembles a halogen bulb. This is versatile, and you can replace tail and parking lights.

Colored LED

You can go for colored LED if you want to add a unique design element to the car. A colored LED is a light holder that can be seen through the headlights. To make sure that your vehicle stands out, the 7443 LED bulb comes in red color. These particular lights can be used as brake lights, taillights, and parking lights.

Amber Yellow LED

You can still enjoy the LED light efficiency if you love to have the traditional yellow color like the factory-fitted lights. The 7443 LED bulb is brighter than the conventional halogen light, and you can use it as a front or rear turn signal.


How to Replace 7443 LED Bulb?


The process of replacing or installing a 7443 LED bulb is straightforward, and you can complete it with the help of a few steps.

  • The first step is to prepare the vehicle by turning off its engine and parking it in a safe place. Now, you can open the hood and locate your headlight bulb.
  • Remove the old bulb by unplugging the wiring connector, and then remove the metal clip that holds your light. After doing this, you can safely remove the bulb.
  • The new headlights need to be placed in the same position as the previous lights were removed. It is better to look at the socket type and then twist the bulb so that it can fit tightly.
  • Next, you can connect the LED wire to the new headlight. Before completing the installation process and closing the hood, it is better to check your new 7443 LED headlights to be sure that they are working well.


Final Thoughts


When people look at most LED bulbs out there, they find out that the 7443 LED bulb is the most suitable one. This particular bulb not only offers two filaments but is also very clear and bright. Other than that, it can also be easily fitted into any socket size. Furthermore, these bulbs turn on and flicker when you turn on the signals, rather than turning on with the headlights. Therefore, 7443 is among the best options when purchasing a headlight, turn motion, or backlight for your car.




  • What is the wattage of the 7443 LED bulb?

    There is no doubt that the incandescent light bulb is the least efficient light source. The LED light bulb uses around 10% energy to produce the same light. The wattage of a 7443 LED bulb is about 25 watts and 13.5 volts.

  • Where can the 7443 bulbs be used?

    The 7443 LED bulb is designed for headlights and reverse lights. It resembles the halogen bulb but consumes just a quarter of the energy in design. This bulb is versatile and can also be used as taillights and fog lights.

  • Are 7443 and 7440 LED bulbs the same?

    7443 and 7440 are not the same bulbs. When we talk about the 7443 LED bulb, it is a dual filament specially used for the turn and parking signal. On the other hand, 7440 is a single filament used for reverse lights and rear signs.

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