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After extensively researching a number of different independent tests, we have chosen the 3157A lamps based on the brightness, durability and lifespan.

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Product specifications (main)

Size 3157A
Type LED
Wattage 5.5W
Voltage 9-16V
Manufacturer Part Number B07V67DZLV


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Product Specifications (main)









Manufacturer Part Number



These days, the lighting system of any vehicle has become diverse, which is why different functions need to be performed by other lighting bulbs. You have to look at different specifications when choosing the correct bulb for a particular section as a driver. The 3157 LED bulb is the most common in the automotive industry, as LED technology has taken over the stock of halogen bulbs.

Besides the white and clear illumination of the headlights, people use 3157 LED bulbs for the taillights, turn signals, and brake lights. This bulb allows you to have a safer driving experience and is a standard replacement bulb for most vehicles. It is also excellent in brightness and known to be cheaper, making it an ideal choice for many buyers.

What is a 3157 LED Bulb?

3157 LED headlight bulbs can be used for several purposes, but their main feature can be used for the daytime running light. As compared to all the other LED varieties, this bulb is very bright and has a lifespan of around 2000 to 10,000 hours. 

When you buy the best 3157 LED bulb, it guarantees you top service and makes sure that you don't break any traffic laws in the state. There are several brands of 3157 LED bulbs that you can buy, but the best ones come with twice the life of the standards ones and offer an excellent performance because of the gas mixture and sturdy filament. Durability is the main factor of this bulb, as you will get rid of constant replacements that affect your finances.

3157 LED Bulb Specs



The amount of brightness that your bulb offers is the first thing you need to consider. It is measured in lumens, so it must have more lumens if you want a brighter bulb. The majority of 3157 LED bulbs offer 420 lumens, but many recommended 3157 bulbs in the market provide 800 lumens brightness.


Wattage is an essential factor for those who consider the amount of energy consumed by their bulbs. Many manufacturers will not disclose it, but the 3157 LED bulbs consume 2 to 8 watts of power. So, if you like to have a decent LED experience, staying within this range is a good idea.

Color temperature

Many people think that LED lights can only be found in white color, but one can also find red and amber yellow LED bulbs. Although it depends on the purpose, you can quickly get any of the colors. A yellow model will be good for turning lights, but white is undoubtedly the best choice for the headlights. Temperature is primarily measured in Kelvins. The 6000 Kelvins white will be white to gray, whereas, whereas 800 Kelvins will almost be blue.


This is another feature that you have to consider. When it comes to the chipsets, and if the manufacturer discloses the type of chipset, it must be a quality bulb. The voltage range adds up to durability because if your 3157 LED bulb is of higher volts, it can heat up more and wear out faster.


The compatibility of the 3157 LED bulb is another feature that you have to consider. The best idea is to go for the one that fits the majority of the vehicles. When we talk about the socket type, it should have the ability to work on the standard sockets. It can be advantageous if the socket size is compatible with other models like 5072 and 3457.

Why Upgrade your Lights with 3157 LED Bulbs?


Whenever you plan to upgrade the headlights with the 3157 LED, you will see a visible difference in performance. The 3157 bulbs come with a much higher lumen capacity, and therefore, they are very bright compared to the incandescent bulbs. When it comes to the bulb size, it is primarily compatible but can sometimes be different, so it is better to look for the right match.

The 3157 LED bulb comes with a dual-filament bulb system, whereas the halogen bulbs have just one filament. Three hundred fifty-seven bulbs are easily compatible with the cars that use halogen bulbs, but not all halogen bulbs work where 3157 bulbs go. These are miniature light bulbs, and most vehicles tend to accept them. However, the best thing about the 3157 LED bulb is that it gives you a brightness boost compared to others.

Final Words


There is no doubt that when you compare the 3157 LED bulb with the incandescent bulb, it will give you a lot of brightness and strength. It is always a good idea if you want to benefit from the 3157 LED bulb. Several people focus on using 3157 LED for the headlights, but many values these bulbs for the taillights.



  • Are all the 3157 LED headlight bulbs the same?

    The 3157 LED headlight bulbs have been extra brighter and bluish. These can also be used as fog lights, brake lights, parking lights, and many other purposes. 3157 LED bulbs are not always the same because their illumination and working voltage vary according to the type of vehicle.

  • How many Lumens are 3157 LED headlight bulbs?

    The majority of 3157 LED bulbs come in about 300 to 1400 Lumens per bulb. You will always find some differences in different types of bulbs. Therefore, it is recommended to check the products individually before buying one.

  • Which bulb resembles 3157 LED?

    When we talk about functionality, 3057 is quite similar to 3157. It can be used for tail lights, brake, and parking lights. The significant difference is that the 3157 LED bulb can also be used as a daytime running light.

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