161 Replacement Light Bulbs

After extensively researching a number of different independent tests, we have chosen the 161 lamps based on the brightness, durability and lifespan.

LED Lights

– Better beam pattern: each bulb has 5 pcs high power SMD led, color temperature: 6000K(xenon white), voltage: 12V
– No polarity no flip: it is truly no polarity, can light on two sides, no need more modification or flip, plug and play, easy install within 5 minutes

Will the 161 Bulb Fit My Vehicle?

When browsing the web for substitute light bulbs, there are some major factors to reckon with. The trickiest inquiry you never forget to consider is whether 161 is fitting wellin your vehicle. If you are not sure, one method is to take out the bad bulb and after that attaintively inspect the markings. After you figure out the type and also application, you can quickly discover the best option. Or you can find a use for our light bulb finder for applicable tips on what various auto 161 are best suited for. Set filters to see if 161 works with your automobile make and model.

Check Specifications Before Purchase

It is essential to bear in mind that a replacement car bulb needs to fit perfectly, some types may not be similar. In addition, compare and decide which light kind - HID, LED or halogen - would certainly be eligible. As well as lastly, make sure electrical power, illumination as well as color temperature fulfil your requirements.

Halogen vs HID (xenon) vs LED lamps: what bulbs are the best

Each choice has its exceptional advantages and disadvantages, each is more effective for specific goals. The choice often relies on technical features that identify overall life-span, brightness, efficiency, affordability as well as the length of time the lamps last before beginning to get duller. Objective of the bulb moreover has a part in this choice. For example, fog lights can not be way too intense, because it is threatening for the car owner and also passengers of the vehicle and also for other people on the road.

The halogen front lights have a tendency to give off quite a lot of heat. This traceable to how they work: the majority of its brightness comes not from added power level, but from accumulating the filament temperature. Warmth generated in this process is visible as intense beam. The similar heat energy of halogen light bulbs has a big perk in weather conditions. If you scrutinize halogen vs LED automobile light bulbs, then only halogen bulbs can discharge significant amount of heat to thaw ice and snow off your front lights. LED lamps burn much at a lower temperature and therefore are less reliable.

Bisedes there are the LED bulbs or light-emitting diodes, they are commonly applauded for their energy effectiveness and also longevity. Initially LEDs were announced as 90% more potent choice to old incandescent lights. They do not utilize gas, only the power of electric current, and they produce certainly less warmth. It could seem to be a downturn in connection to their halogen analogues, however much less heating brings about boosting their reliable usefulness. The 3rd product is xenon (HID) light bulbs. The HID in their name suggests high-intensity discharge, meaning the famous trait of such lamps - their outstanding brightness. In power usage as well as heat emission they stand between halogen and LED light bulbs.

They have no need of filament, however still make use of gas (xenon) to emit bright white-hot light they are famous for. Although they readily obtainable in a variety of colors. In fact enough the most prominent perk is also the weakest place of HID light bulbs. Unnecessary illumination can blind other drivers and also cause a great deal of stress when driving, so it is critical to compensate this unnecessary impact with self-moving adjusting.

What Type of lamp do I need?

If you are hesitant what option to go with, please try to find this info in your automobile handbook. It is notable to verify that your brand-new light bulbs fit the car completely. Diverse models have particular sockets for light bulbs, so even if 2 bulbs seem very much the same, have the same function and also size, they might not be similar at all.

No time to read through the guidebook? Not a problem, we got you. Autofiles definitely has all the information you require, all you need to do is check out the alternatives on the dropdown panel to choose your auto's make, model and year and our data base will do everything for you. Our expert staff meticulously acquired and read through the details before finishing with grouping it in orderly light bulb replacing charts to make the process smooth as well as very easy.

Color Temperature

The higher the burning heat level inside, the better is a delusion broken by LED and HID lights. That is why the lamplight is defined by color temperature or to put it simply, exactly how hot they seem to be. The measurement device for this is degrees of Kelvin (K). The closer the color temperature to the sunlight, the better. It is perfect for the human eyesight. Below is a listing of usual temperatures for each type of bulbs:

  • 3200K for Halogen lamps
  • 4300K for Xenon
  • 6000K for LED