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After extensively researching a number of different independent tests, we have chosen the 1157 lamps based on the brightness, durability and lifespan.

Photo SYLVANIA ZEVO 1157 White LED Bulb

Product specifications (main)

Size 1157
Type LED
Wattage 1.7W
Voltage 12V
Color Temperature 6000K
Manufacturer Part Number B01A77U94W

Product specifications (additional)

Weight 0.8 Oz


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Product Specifications (main)









Color Temperature


Manufacturer Part Number


Product Specifications (additional)


0.8 Oz


General specifications

If you consider buying the 1157 lamp you should know the following things about it. The 1157 automotive light bulb is a type of lamp that is very popular in cars. It is also known as the BA15D double-contact bayonet base. This type of lamp has two filaments which are located at the bottom of the lamp. 

The 1157 light bulb is used for both low and high beam headlights. The power of the 1157 light bulb is 26.8W and it has a voltage of 12V. The dimensions of the 1157 light bulb are 45 mm x 21 mm x 21 mm.

Usually, these lamps use incandescent light bulbs, but there are also LED lamps. This technology is usually used for high beam headlights, but many automobilists admit that it's the future of car lamps.  Finally, the 1157 bulb features 402 Lumens of light output and 6500 Kelvin of color temperature. Thus, if you want to buy a lamp for your car, don't forget about the 1157 light bulb!

How does the 1157 bulb work?

The 1157 bulb has two filaments located at the bottom of the lamp. These filaments are made of tungsten, which is a very strong metal. The tungsten filaments are surrounded by a glass envelope. The glass envelope is filled with argon gas.

When the bulb is turned on, electricity flows through the filament.

This causes the filament to heat up and glow. The hot filament produces light. The argon gas helps to protect the filament from oxygen. Oxygen would cause the filament to burn out quickly. The 1157 bulb is a very efficient light source. It produces a lot of light for its size and uses very little electricity.

What is the 1157 bulb used for?

The 1157 bulb is the ideal replacement for lights that need to be directed, including parking, turning, and backup lights. These bulbs will last longer and can take a lot of punishment from driving conditions. Typically, these lamps are used in the following situations:

As a replacement for your high beam or low beam headlights

  • In your fog lights
  • In your turn signal lights
  • In your brake lights
  • In your backup lights

The 1157 bulb is also a good choice for off-road driving because it can take a lot of punishment from the elements. If you do a lot of off-roading, then you need a light that can withstand being hit by rocks and other debris. The 1157 bulb is up to the task.

What bulb is the same as 1157?

The 2057 lamps are exactly the same as the 1157 lamps, just a little bit longer. Thus, 2057 has a length of 50 mm, while 1157 has a length of 45 mm. Other than that, they are identical in every way.

The 2057 and 1157 bulbs are both double-contact bayonet base lamps with two filaments. They are also both used for low and high beam headlights, which is very convenient. The 2057 bulb is slightly more powerful than 1157, with a power of 28W and a voltage of 12V. However, the 1157 bulb is still a very good choice for your car.

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