1999 Hyundai Accent Bulb Size Chart

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Headlight Bulb High Beam and Low Beam - 9004

Fog Light Bulb Front - H3

Turn Signal Light Bulb Front - 2357A

License Plate Light Bulb - 168

License Plate Light Bulb - 917

Parking Light Bulb - 2357A

Turn Signal Light Bulb Rear - 2357A

Side Marker Light Bulb Front - 2357A

1999 Hyundai Accent High and Low Beam bulb size - 9004

    LED Lights

  • Premium Quality

    NUVISION LIGHTING 9004 Bulbs High/Low Beam

    Product Key Benefits:

    • Super Spotlight- design with high focused beam pattern. No Foggy light or dark spots.
    • Plug-and-Play - Easy to install.
    • Waterproof- IP67 Waterproof Rate CREE Hight source technology.
    • Efficient Cooling System- 7 Ultra Cooling Fan Blades Helps Distribute Hot Air Away from the Light Bulbs.
  • Premium Quality

    Nilight 9004/HB1 LED Hi/Lo Headlight Bulbs

    Key product features:

    500% Brighter Than Halogen - Automotive-Grade led chips to reach up to 4500LUX per bulb. 5 times brighter than your original halogen bulb. 1.5 times than others 9004 headlight bulbs. 6500K Cool White allows you to see further and clearer.

    Ultra Long Irradiation Distance - Ultra-thin 0.04 inch copper board reduced...

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    Halogen Lights

  • Editor's Choice

    HELLA 9004 Twin Blister +50 Headlight Bulb

    A few words about this product that will probably make you like it:

    • Up to 50% more light output than standard bulbs which provides you the best lighting performance, giving performance-oriented drivers additional safety time and comfort on the road.
    • Original equipment quality bulbs you can trust from a global leader in...
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1999 Hyundai Accent Fog Light bulb size - H3

    LED Lights

  • KaTur H3 Mini LED Headlight Bulbs With Upgraded Design

    Small body for strong fit, it can be used on 99% of vehicle models. Small body but not settle for mediocrity,360-degree adjustable buckle, pursuing of the perfect light type for you.No glare to the opposite driver, no dark spots or shadowed areas.Compatible with H3 Led Headlight Bulbs, apply as LED...

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1999 Hyundai Accent Turn Signal bulb size - 2357A

1999 Hyundai Accent License Plate bulb size - 168

    LED Lights

  • Editor's Choice

    Spec-D Tuning Led T10 5Smd Light Bulb

    • DOT and SAE Compliant. Made by an ISO Certified Manufacturer using Materials that meet or Exceed OEM Requirements!
    • Installation Made Easy on All of Our Items! Little to No Modifications are needed at Best!
  • Inexpensive But Reliable

    Diode Dynamics HP3 LED Bulbs


    The 194 HP3 LED bulb is a compact, simple LED replacement with proven performance. The single diffused optic spreads light in the original lamp, for OEM-style appearance and function. With its dual-lead contacts, it will fit snugly in the socket, and its light weight means it won't vibrate loose over...

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1999 Hyundai Accent License Plate bulb size - 917

    Halogen Lights

  • Best Value

    SYLVANIA 912 Long Life Miniature Bulb

    – Specifically designed to withstand road vibration and provide longer life than traditional bulbs

    – Filament and gas mixture have been engineered for improved longevity

    – Meets industry regulations for performance, while bettering life expectancy


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1999 Hyundai Accent Parking bulb size - 2357A

1999 Hyundai Accent Turn Signal Rear bulb size - 2357A

1999 Hyundai Accent Side Marker Front bulb size - 2357A

If you need an alternative bulb for almost any socket of the car, browse the ultimate chart to find the appropriate 1999 Hyundai Accent bulb size. Manufacturer headlights wear out with time, and the genuine longevity depends upon the technologies exploited and the standard of the bulbs. It really is an excellent time to consider converting to a more tech-savvy lighting option. Our 1999 Hyundai Accent bulb chart aids identify the proper bulb for just about any outlet of your own motor vehicle, whether it be headlights, fog lights, stop lights, brake lights, turn signals, and many others.

We strongly suggest exchanging the defective factory lamps with top-notch LED counterparts while they offer an extended life expectancy, better brightness, and a broader selection of colors. However, aftermarket HID headlight systems are also a lot more exclusive choice making your vehicle stay ahead of the competition by intensifying the remarkable features from the car's grill.

Keep in mind that vehicles of exactly the same year are offered in a variety of trims, and minor differences may exist in bulb types for the similar place. To help make your life a bit easier, we have carefully determined the bulbs accurately complementing 1999 Hyundai Accent and the most efficient alternatives with regards to good quality, acceptance, price, and life-time.

Hyundai Accent Bulb Chart By Years