Badges & How We Pick Bulbs

The following page describes the meaning of badges we assign to the products you may find on our website. Some of them are explanatory, but as we strive for transparency, we decided to clarify each seal. 

#1 Best Seller

This is the best-selling light bulb on trusted and most famous retailers.

Best Choice

This light bulb is a top-notch product for drivers who want to upgrade bulbs on a peculiar vehicle.

Best Selling

This light bulb is on the list of best-selling options, and drivers have had great success with it.

Best Value

This light bulb is an excellent value for the money. It is one of the most affordable options without compromising quality.

Editor's Choice

This light bulb is the editor's top pick. Note we may be slightly biased here, but it is usually what we have installed on our cars.

Extremely Bright

This light bulb is for drivers who want the brightest lamps available. It is significantly brighter than standard bulbs.

Long Life

You can expect it to last much longer than standard bulbs.

Most Popular

This is one of the most popular aftermarket bulbs among enthusiasts customizing their lights.

New Pick

This light bulb recently hit the market with promising features but has not had that many reviews.


This light bulb is a popular upgrade that stood the test of time. It has been well reviewed, and drivers are happy with the results.

Premium Pick

This light bulb is on the pricier side but, at the same time, offers premium quality. Pick it if the money is not an issue, and you will be good.


This light bulb is gaining traction, and people often search for it on the web.

We pick by

Check out the criteria we rely on when picking replacement bulbs that will fit your vehicle. 

We research the technical specs of the bulbs to determine which ones are best for your needs. 

We take into consideration user reviews and evaluations from authoritative experts. These usually describe customer happiness and contain reports of quality or longevity concerns and the ease of installation.

The following factors are considered:


A measure of the total amount of visible light emitted by a source expressed as a unit of illumination.


An illumination unit calculates how much luminous flux is dispersed in a particular area.


The wattage rating indicates how much energy (Watts) a light bulb consumes. Higher wattage bulbs are brighter than low-wattage ones.


Should the other factors be equal, the lower-priced bulbs will always outrank the expensive counterparts.


This means how long the bulb will last. The longer the lifespan, the better. The numbers stand for hours of working time.

Customer Reviews of product

We analyze customer reviews on trusted retailers and provide a star rating from 1 to 5 for each bulb.

We don't use a straightforward average to calculate a star's overall star rating and percentage breakdown. Instead, our system considers how recent a review is and whether the review was negative or positive.


Some bulbs are more popular than others, meaning people buy them more often. The popularity rating is based on publicly available sales reports.

Brand Reviews

Brand reputation is the score shaped by customer reviews. On average, some automotive light bulb brands have better press and reviews than their competitors.

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