Choose the GMC Yukon Reverse Light Bulb Size with One Click

GMC Yukon reverse light bulbs may have various sizes depending on the year of manufacture. They may vary not only in lighting technology but also in such specifications as nominal power.

For instance, did you know that the GMC Yukon autos have the following part numbers: 921 (for 2015 - 2020 years), 194 (for 2007 - 2013 years), 7440 (for 2007 - 2013 years), 7441 (for 2007 - 2013 years), 3157 (for 2001 - 2006 years), 3156 (for 1999 - 2001 years), 3057 (for 2000 - 2000 years)?

Modern models feature LED bulbs that are considered to be more efficient and longer-lasting.

For you not to make a mistake, we created this GMC Yukon reverse light bulb size chart with different years. Drive safer and smarter with the correct reverse light bulb size!

2020 GMC Yukon – 921

2019 GMC Yukon – 921

2018 GMC Yukon – 921

2017 GMC Yukon – 921

2016 GMC Yukon – 921

2015 GMC Yukon – 921

2013 GMC Yukon – 194, 7440, 7441

2012 GMC Yukon – 194, 7440, 7441

2011 GMC Yukon – 194, 7440, 7441

2010 GMC Yukon – 194, 7440, 7441

2009 GMC Yukon – 194, 7440, 7441

2008 GMC Yukon – 194, 7440, 7441

2007 GMC Yukon – 194, 7440, 7441

2006 GMC Yukon – 3157

2005 GMC Yukon – 3157

2004 GMC Yukon – 3157

2003 GMC Yukon – 3157

2002 GMC Yukon – 3157

2001 GMC Yukon – 3156, 3157

2000 GMC Yukon – 3156, 3057

1999 GMC Yukon – 3156

921 – LED Lights

  • 300% Brighter - 921 led bulb has 3030 SMD LED chips. You can see farther and clearer when reversing at night.
  • Easy Installation - 1:1 design with halogens, non-polarity, play, and plug. 921 led bulb reverse light is fit for 921,912, T15, 906, 904, 902, 922, W16W. Upgrade replacement for reverse light, backup light, and truck cargo light.
  • CAN-BUS Ready - LASFIT 921 led built-in CANBUS system, is compatible with 98% of vehicles, preventing error codes and odd flickering.
  • Safe Driving - Multiple protection loads with a fuse to prevent the 912 led bulb from burning out by the excessive instant current. Efficient heat dissipation makes sure the T15 led bulb will work 30,000 hours.

Product specifications
  • Type - LED
  • Color temperature - 6000K
  • Light output - 1400 Lm

You want bright, stylish lighting for your car but you don’t want to keep replacing burned-out bulbs. Philips Ultinon LED lights to give you high-powered, automotive-grade LEDs, with a lifetime of up to 8 years. With conventional bulbs, the more powerful the light, the shorter its lifespan. Philips Ultinon LEDs deliver bright even light, yet have excellent resistance to heat and vibration. This makes them the perfect choice for long-lasting performance.

Product specifications
  • Type - LED
  • Color temperature - 6000K
  • Light output - 115 Lm

– Energy-Saving, low power consumption for longer life span.
– Suit for Socket: T15, 912, 921, 906, 904, 902, 922, W16W, just plug and play without modification. ONLY used for backup reverse lights
– 6W per bulb, 12-16V Wide voltage, 500Ma current
– 300% Brighter: Each bulb has 15 pieces high power 2835-SMD LEDs
– CANBUS Error Free: Built-in intelligent IC driver for better performance

Product specifications
  • Type - LED
  • Color temperature - 6000K
  • Wattage - 6W W

194 – LED Lights

Product benefits:

  1. Canbus error free, no error after installation.
  2. 360-degree lighting angle, no visual blind spot.
  3. Energy-Saving, low power consumption for a longer life span.
  4. Easy to install, non-polarity just plug and play.
  5. Brilliant red color light brings your car a refreshed new look.
  6. Fits directly into multiple bulb-size sockets such as 168 175 194 2825 912 921 W5W T10.

Used for license plate tag lights, map lights, dome lights, parking city lights, front/rear side marker lights, trunk cargo room lights, turn signal lights, reading lights, glove box lights, inner tail light bulbs, etc.

Product specifications
  • Type - LED
  • Color temperature - Ultra Blue
  • Wattage - 2 W
  • 360-degree light output coverage.
  • 5 times more light than conventional interior lighting.
  • Up to 12 years lifetime compared to regular halogen bulbs.

Product specifications
  • Type - LED
  • Color temperature - 4000K

– Whether it’s your phone, your keys, or some spare change, we’ve all had to search for misplaced items in a dark car. With Philips LED interior lighting, you get a bright, uniformly diffused light.
– Philips Ultinon LED lights are direct replacements for conventional bulbs. They’re easy to install and available for a wide range of interior and exterior applications.
– Up to 8 year lifetime
– With Philips Ultinon LEDs, your lighting will be on the cutting edge now, and for years to come.

Product specifications
  • Type - LED
  • Color temperature - 6000K
  • Wattage - 2 W

194 – Halogen Lights

– Longer life than basic bulbs
– Legal for on road use
– OE (Original Equipment) Manufacturer
– Light bulbs dim over time and require replacement
– Replace in pairs for optimal performance

Product specifications
  • Type - Halogen
  • Light output - 25 Lm
  • Wattage - 3.78 W

7440 – LED Lights

  • Standard 7440 Base can replace Stock Bulbs or Incandescents such as 7440NA 7441 992. Well matched with the original Incandescence lights. Easy plug-and-play installation - just plug it into the socket.
  • Apply to the vehicle interior and exterior auto parts of most American cars, trucks, SUVs, or vans as vehicle Tail Lights, Brake Lights, Reverse Lights, Turn Signals Lights, Side Marker Lights, Rear Light, Stop Lamp, Backup Lights, and Interior RV Camper Bulbs.

Product specifications
  • Type - LED
  • Color temperature - Blue
  • Light output - 900 Lm
  • Wattage - 2 W

7441 – LED Lights

These 7443 led bulbs come with 24 pcs 2835 SMD LED chipsets, 300% brighter than halogen bulbs. Upgraded intelligent IC makes the 7440/7443 led light bulbs compatible with 99% of vehicles, with no radio interference, and no flicker issue.

 Low power consumption & Built-in intelligent IC driver for a longer lifespan. Full aviation aluminum body cooling down the heat rapidly extends the service time

Product specifications
  • Type - LED
  • Color temperature - 6000K
  • Light output - 1440 Lm
  • Wattage - 50 W

The KATUR T20 White/Amber Switchback LED Light Bulbs (7441) are a great upgrade for your vehicle's lighting. These energy-efficient bulbs have a 12V operating voltage and are designed to last 50,000 hours, 50 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. The single-contact 7440 LED light bulb replaces most auto car incandescents and is well-matched with the original incandescent lights. The easy plug-and-play installation means you just have to plug it into the socket, and flip the bulb horizontally if it does not light up to match the + and - polarity. With 42 2835 SMD LED lights, this bulb provides bright and versatile white/amber switchback lighting. It is CE/RoHS compliant, ensuring high standards and quality. Choose the KATUR T20 White/Amber Switchback LED Light Bulbs for a longer-lasting and more versatile lighting solution.

Product specifications
  • Type - LED
  • Color temperature - 8000K/Amber
  • Light output - 800 Lm
  • Wattage - 2.3 W

3156 – LED Lights

This bulb will strobe flash at the beginning of the braking model and then keep solid light, which blinking for braking stop safety alert, much easier noticed while braking and much safer when stop required. The blinking times are restricted and can drive on the road safely. 360-degree full-angle illumination with projector lens design.

Product specifications
  • Type - LED
  • Color temperature - Pure Red
  • Light output - 1000 Lm
  • Wattage - 4.8 W

This listing features one pair of super bright 3157/3156 6000K xenon white LED bulbs equipped with high power 2835-SMD LEDs, each 3156 3157 dual filament LED bulb is about 1000 lumens, specially designed for replacing stock dim halogen or incandescent front or rear turn signal light, daytime running lights(DRL), side marker light, back-up reverse light bulb, brake lights, tail lights, cornering lights, etc-

Product Specifications

  • Premium projector lens.
  • Advanced aluminum heat sink material.
  • Built-in CK-compatible LED driver.
  • High Power 2835 SMD LEDs.

Product Features

  • Non-polarity bulb.
  • Compatible with both CK and standard socket.

Product specifications
  • Type - LED
  • Color temperature - 6000K
  • Light output - 1000 Lm
  • Wattage - 6.5 W

Why would you like these bulbs?

  • Resembling halogen bulb shape design and sequencing 54 pieces 4014-SMD LED chips precisely around the 3157 led bulb. Delivering 360° high luminous efficiency with whole 6000K white light, see more clearly and safely when reversing
  • 5.5W per 3157 bulbs. Only 1/4 energy consumption of the original bulb but 4 times brighter. Built-in smart IC drivers ensure constant current and no radio interference. Plus instant-on capability with zero warm-up time
  • Electroplating process housing. Improve oxidation resistance and produce less heat. High-grade shape, matching great in the assembly. Ideal replacement for your halogen bulbs

Small size comparable to OEM bulbs. Non-polarity applied to US standard and CK sockets. Can be used for reverse backup bulbs, daytime running light bulbs, turn signal bulbs, side marker light bulbs, blinker light bulbs, parking lights, tail lights, brake lights, etc. Fits: 3056 3156 3157 3157K 3057A 4057 4157 4114, etc.

Product specifications
  • Type - LED
  • Color temperature - 6000K
  • Wattage - 5.5 W

3057 – LED Lights

3157 T25 LED Bulbs 360°viewing angle for better, no blind spot lighting angle design, brings an astounding emitted light effect, allover light emission to upgrade your car with super bright light to alert other drivers earlier.

Xenon White lighting offers more expansive vision and clearer of the surrounding. Energy-Saving, low temperature, low power consumption, better heat dissipation, and much longer lifespan, lasting up to 60,000 hours.

Universal 3157 T25 LED Bulbs Standard Socket

Fit directly into multiple bulb size sockets such as 3156 3157 3056 4156 3047 3157A 3057 3357 3457 4057 4114 4157 LED Bulbs. Apply to most cars, trucks, SUVs, or vans as Backup-light, Tail light, and Brake light.

Product specifications
  • Type - LED
  • Color temperature - 6500K
  • Light output - 1400 Lm
  • Wattage - 6.2 W

3057 – Halogen Lights

The Philips CrystalVision Miniature 3057 Bulb is a great choice for drivers looking to personalize their vehicle. These bulbs are designed for use in turn signals, side markers, and tail lights and provide a bright white light that will make your vehicle stand out on the road. The Philips CrystalVision line is known for delivering high-quality and reliable lighting solutions, and these miniature bulbs are no exception. Upgrade your vehicle's lighting with the Philips CrystalVision Miniature 3057 Bulb for a brighter and more personalized ride.

Product specifications
  • Type - Halogen
  • Wattage - 32 W

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