Automotive LED headlights are mandatory for safely driving around in the dark. You might see a variety of headlight colors on the road. With such a huge choice of selection, it can be difficult to choose which headlights would fit the vehicle and give you optimum light in darkness and nighttime.

Below you’ll find a LED headlights color chart to help you choose which color will go well with your vehicle.


What are LEDs?

A light-emitting diode or LED is also known as a semiconductor diode that emits light when current is directly applied to it. Incandescent bulbs are 90% less efficient than LED light bulbs. Although some vehicles also have HID (High-Intensity Discharge) headlights which are brighter than any standard vehicle headlights.

Best LED Light Color for Fog Lights

On an LED headlights color chart, white LEDs are the brightest headlights. They give maximum light at nighttime. The more charge that is applied to an LED, the more light it will emit.

If you do a lot of nighttime driving, it’s best to install 45 W LED lights in the vehicle. 45 W LED is the brightest LED light in white color, which is beneficial for safe nighttime driving in areas with no other source of light.

It gives an output of 9000 lm. The white LED is a 100% dense white light which is equivalent to a 5500K HID light. However, it’s only best for nighttime visibility, and most drivers prefer yellow headlights for driving in the fog because it contains 90% yellow light and 10% white light.

That is because yellow lights are easily perceivable by the human eye and aren’t blinding in nighttime or foggy weather. Since it doesn’t take much effort to see yellow headlights, it ensures the safety of the one behind the wheel and the pedestrians on the road.

HID lights should not be used as fog lights. Only Halogens or LEDs lights must be used because HID lights are very bright and can cause multiple accidents.

LED Light Color for Headlights

Many people these days upgrade their vehicle headlights for style rather than nighttime visibility or safe driving. That’s why you’ll find blue and purple headlights the most popular among all others on the LED headlights color chart.

In terms of style, the best color for the vehicle’s headlights, comparing the white, yellow, purple, and blue headlights, entirely depends on your needs. The blue headlight has 60% white light and 40% blue light, whereas the purple light has only 10% white light.

Both of these headlights are less bright than yellow or white headlights, but drivers still choose these to make the vehicle appear more expensive.

In addition, blue LED lights are good for nighttime driving in comparison to purple LEDs because purple lights are darker and have a less white light ratio. Both of these color lights are not advisable to use as fog lights.

The best color for headlights is either white or yellow LED lights. They both provide maximum brightness at nighttime and ensure safe driving.

Now that you know about the LED headlights color chart and which colors are more efficient for nighttime driving, it’s time to get those LEDs installed in the vehicle and upgrade its look.



1 - What is the legal color for headlights in any state?

White is the only legal color to be used for headlights in any state of America.

2- Which color of LED lights are best to make the car appear more stylish?

Blue or purple LED colored lights are best to make the car appear more stylish. However, these LED colors are not recommended to be used as fog lights.

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