What Is H11B Bulb?

Usually, these bulbs are used as the main light source in the headlight of a car. These bulbs produce a bright, white light that is very useful for seeing at night or in poor weather conditions.

These bulbs use a filament that is heated by an electric current to produce light. The amount of light produced by the bulb depends on the type of filament and the amount of current that is passing through it.

The nominal power of this bulb is 12 V: 55 W or 24 V: 70 W, which is very bright. Usually, bulbs with such nominal power have a very short life span, but H11B bulbs have an average life span of 1000 hours. This bulb is made with a special alloy that allows it to withstand high temperatures and vibration. The filament is also designed to last longer. The base is PGJY19-2.

What Is The Difference Between H11 And H11B?

Many automobile headlights today are still equipped with halogen bulbs, which are H11 bulbs. However, there are actually two distinct ways to mount these H11 bulbs; H11A and H11B. The orientation of the three little tabs around the bulb's base is different for each style.

In general, H11 and H11B are the same bulbs with just different bases. The "B" designation is usually for aftermarket bulbs since many carmakers have changed to an H11A orientation. There is also a difference in power output. As you can see from the table below, the H11B has a slightly higher light output.

The brightness level, color temperature, and lifespan, however, remain the same. That is why if you want to interchange these bulbs, it is best to consult your car's manual first.

What Cars Use H11B Bulbs?

The H11-size bulb is the most popular sort used on today's cars, and it may be found in the 2012-2015 Toyota Tacoma, 2019+ Ford Ranger, and 2012-2016 Honda Civic Si, among other vehicles. You can also find this size on some motorcycles and scooters. Usually, such cars are equipped with projector headlights.

The base type used for this bulb is usually PGJ19-2, but it can also be PY20D or H8. Such autos like Honda and Toyota use the socket type H11B, while Ford and other carmakers use H11. If you're looking for a bright, white light to illuminate your way at night or during poor weather conditions, then you might want to consider an H11B bulb. These bulbs are designed to produce a strong, consistent light that will help you see clearly while driving.

However, H11B bulbs are not compatible with any other headlight bulb socket type. So, if you're not sure which bulb size your car uses, it's best to consult your car's manual or take it to a certified mechanic to avoid damaging your headlight assembly.

While H11B bulbs are designed to last longer than other types of bulbs, they will eventually need to be replaced. When this time comes, make sure to only use an H11B bulb to ensure compatibility and avoid damaging your headlight assembly.

Reviewed by Brent Ordway

Brent Ordway is an ASE-certified car technician. He has been working on cars since he was a teenager and loved helping people keep their vehicles running smoothly. Brent's skills as a mechanic are unrivaled. In 2022, he earned his place on the list of winners for the ASE Master Automobile Technician of the Year award.

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