Find the right Audi TT Brake Light Bulb Size

In order to replace Audi TT brake lights, you need to know that the latest models share the bulb size of 7506R (for 2008 - 2009, 2013 years), 7528 (for 2000 - 2003, 2005 - 2006 years).

Brake lights, also known as stop lamps, come as LED or halogen. Brake light bulbs are located at the rear of your vehicle and have a red color. Our bulb finder will help you discover the robust automotive bulbs suitable for Audi TT brake lights for all years.

2013 Audi TT – 7506R

2009 Audi TT – 7506R

2008 Audi TT – 7506R

2006 Audi TT – 7528

2005 Audi TT – 7528

2003 Audi TT – 7528

2002 Audi TT – 7528

2001 Audi TT – 7528

2000 Audi TT – 7528

7528 – Halogen Lights

Vehicle lighting was the very first field that allowed HELLA to grow, so there is still a close association between the HELLA brand and lighting of various kinds. They offer a wide range of products covering all aspects of vehicle lighting, from headlamps and combination rear lamps to signal lamps, interior lamps and lighting electronics. Company's development activities currently focus on features and technologies expected to be especially important in the future, generating benefits that customers can see and touch, such as light-based driver assistance systems, LEDs and design elements

Product specifications
  • Type - Halogen
  • Color temperature - 3200K
  • Wattage - 5 W

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