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Our goal is to create a simple information resource in which everyone could find high-quality information about car lights.

Of course, we want to cover all models, but it is impossible to do this in a single day. Therefore, to the best of our abilities and free time, we fill the site with information about popular and modern cars.

If you would like to suggest a topic or spot a mistake for a particular car, just text us using the form on the Contact Us page.

Affiliate Commission

If a reader chooses to buy a product we recommend as a result of our research and analysis, our work is often (but not always) supported through an affiliate commission from the retailer when the reader makes the purchase. There’s no incentive for us to pick inferior products or to respond to pressure from manufacturers—in fact, it’s quite the opposite. If a reader returns their purchase because they’re dissatisfied or the recommendation is bad, we make no affiliate commission. We think that’s a pretty fair system that keeps us committed to serving our readers first.

How LightningLab helps car enthusiasts?

The LightningLab project specializes in covering the automotive lighting industry.

With over a decade of experience in the car lightning space, our project has assisted hundreds of people in significantly boosting their night-driving vision.

We know a lot about the best car lighting brands offered by aftermarket retailers.

We research the latest and greatest lamps and accessories as they hit the market to help you discover the truth about what works and what does not. We don't make the parts and are not affiliated with any of the brands. We just know them pretty well.

Feel free to contact us for recommendations for any application!

Basically, we help people in two ways:

  • replace the dimmed bulbs with OEM parts
  • customize the vehicle with aftermarket lights

How do we do that?

This project aims to focus on everything in the automotive headlights world using our vision of the situation and recent trends. The blog team is not just one person. We are a team of fellow automotive journalists who write articles without financial pressure from advertisers. We are free to describe our impression of a particular headlights kit and other related items.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to personally get acquainted with the car, before describing it in a blog. To do this, we use a massive amount of reviews from a variety of resources.

This gives an excellent idea of the model. And yet, we prefer to conduct a personal acquaintance with each model and its lighting system.

If you have certain suggestions about the structure or direction of the website, or perhaps you would like to know more about a specific car model's light bulb specs, be sure to ask your questions and make suggestions via the Contacts page.

Stock Replacement Bulbs

We have put together the fitment data from all car makers and provide automotive light bulb charts for almost any vehicle out there. So if you need to know the lamp part number for a car of some particular year of manufacture, you can use our car light bulb finder (see the form on the homepage).

Custom Builds

In case you want to go further and tap yourself into the car modding space, we also have pretty much to offer. Our goal now is to collect the custom car projects to help car enthusiasts grasp the idea of how they can upgrade the headlights, fog lights, tail lights, etc. Each project contains pictures and technical data with the specific product installed. We have them classified by cars for your convenience.

Share your projects

We also encourage our readers to share their projects with the community. You may upload your custom builds via this form. If the project meets our criteria and has some lights modded, we will publish the build on the page dedicated to these car models.
To sum it up, the LightningLab website is a go-to place for anyone who needs help with choosing the right car lighting parts and accessories. We offer fitment charts for stock replacement bulbs and also showcase custom builds to inspire our readers.

Our Awesome Team

Though being a part of the Matador Group, we are running the website as an autonomous unit.

Mark Smith, the co-founding partner

Mark first started the site as a side project to share his insights on car light bulbs and aftermarket headlights.

Acting as the product manager, Mark coordinates the development of the platform, generates new ideas, and researches the customer's needs.

Joseph Caldwell, the data analyst

Joseph is responsible for keeping the car light bulb database up to date and managing the fitment issues. On top of that, he oversees and rechecks the information for the custom projects that are shared by the readers.

Ben Collins, the content editor

Ben is in charge of the content strategy and manages the team of copywriters to make sure that all the texts on the site are useful and interesting to read.

Brent Ordway

Brent Ordway is an ASE-certified car technician. He has been working on cars since he was a teenager and loved helping people keep their vehicles running smoothly. Brent's skills as a mechanic are unrivaled. In 2022, he earned his place on the list of winners for the ASE Master Automobile Technician of the Year award.

Imbued with a lifelong enthusiasm for automobiles, Chris has dedicated himself to his craft as both mechanic and restoration technician. His curiosity was sparked by Toyota cars at an early age and later expanded to car mods and off-road adventures to test the limits of his Tundra truck.

Chris' knowledge of mechanics and restoration comes from a lifetime of hands-on experiences. Also, Brent enjoys spending time with his wife and baby.

Chris is enamored with the world of automobiles — from their classic designs and rumbling engines to their illustrious history. His appreciation for cars knows no bounds, so it's only natural that he passionately pursues his dream of accumulating an impressive car collection. He considers himself immensely lucky to be able to follow something close to his heart every day!

Join Our Team

We are open to partnership and always looking for enthusiasts who are passionate about car lights. Get in touch if you are an industry expert and would like to help us develop the project by sharing your expertise with the community.

The best contributors will be featured on the website and gain the desired recognition.

Partnership & Advertising

In case you would like to offer some sort of mutually beneficial partnership, would like to inquire about the marketing activities and advertising terms, contact our marketing team.

The Grassroots of the LightningLab Project

My parents always told me that I had a knack for playing with electricity. As a child, I would take apart light bulbs and wiring, just to see what would happen. So it was no surprise when I grew up and became an automotive lighting technician.

After working in the industry for a few years, I worked as a consultant at a few local stores selling all sorts of lightning accessories for vehicles. From halogen light bulbs to headlights assemblies and LED light bars.

As COVID hit the world and most brick and mortar business were closing their doors for customers I decided it was the right time to kick off my own side project.

On one of those days of isolation, my friend from college called. They were starting a new online project and needed someone with my skills in the automotive lightning space. My friend's project was an e-commerce store specializing in selling aftermarket automotive lighting products.

And that was the aha moment. The light bulb went on in my head. Why don't I compile the website that would provide ease the pain for light bulb seekers?

I knew it from my personal experience that car owners usually did not know the correct light bulb for their vehicle. And even if they knew, it was usually not so clear how to choose the best aftermarket bulb or headlight assembly matching the needs of the driver.

The thing is if you are replacing the bulb, why not get yourself something cool to soup up the stock set up of the vehicle?

I had to reject the job offer though asked my friend to help me set up the LightningLab website.

Sincerely yours,

Mark Smith

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